Mr. Strope graduated in 1942, with honors from the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture and is at present the civilian architect for the War Damage Analysis group of the Preliminary Design Section, Bureau of Ships, Navy Department, Washington, D. C.

Articles by Walmer Elton Strope

On Japanese Naval Rearmament

By Walmer E. Strope
June 1956
When World War II ended, Japan was defeated, and her war machine was in ruins. Now, only a decade after the conclusion of that bitter struggle, Japan is being invited ...

The Naval Officer and Tomorrow's Navy

By Walmer Elton Strope
March 1949
The United States Navy is now at a critical stage in its evolution. It has successfully concluded one of the most bitter and far-flung sea wars in history. At the ...
Baker Day atomic bomb

The Navy and the Atomic Bomb

By Walmer Elton Strope
October 1947
The first of July dawned bright and clear. As thousands watched, the morning air over the lagoon of remote Bikini Atoll was made even brighter by the flash of the ...