Portrait of Rear Admiral Thomas Withers, Jr., U.S. Navy

Rear Admiral Thomas Withers, Jr., U.S. Navy, was graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1906. Following duty in the armored cruisers California and Memphis, he later transitioned to submarines. As a Rear Admiral, he was Commander, Submarines Force, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet in the early months of World War II but was quickly reassigned to Portsmouth Navy Yard. He died in 1953.

Articles by Thomas Withers Jr.

USS Memphis wrecked on the rocks at Santo Domingo

The Wreck of the U. S. S. "Memphis"

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas Withers, Jr., U. S. Navy
July 1918
On August 29, 1916, the armored cruiser Memphis was wrecked on the beach at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, by enormous, windless seas.