Mr. Wilds spent eighteen months studying Japanese in Army schools during World War II and another year and a half in Japan and Korea with the occupation forces. After his discharge he took a bachelor’s degree in Oriental Civilizations at the University of Michigan and went on to two years of graduate work at that University’s Center for Japanese Studies, taking two master’s degrees—one in Far Eastern Studies and the other in history. Mr. Wilds is presently employed by the Office of the Chief of Military History, Special Staff, U. S. Army, as a research assistant engaged in studies of Japanese operations in the Pacific during World War II.

Articles by Thomas Wilds

How Japan Fortified The Mandated Islands

By Thomas Wilds
April 1955
Between world wars, any American who thought about the possibility of war with Japan wondered if the Japanese were fortifying the Mandated Islands. The relative strengths of the United States ...

The Admiral Who Lost His Fleet

By Thomas Wilds
November 1951
If a Japanese admiral had paid more attention to the advice of a Prussian general, the history of the last war might take a little longer to tell. The general ...