Lieutenant Peppe recently completed the Submarine Officer Advanced Course in Groton, Connecticut, and now serves on board the USS LaJolla (SSN-701) as engineer officer. Prior to this, he was a student at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, where he earned a master’s degree in operations research. His graduate thesis was awarded the Chief of Naval Operations Award for Excellence in Operations Research and the Military Operations Society Graduate Research Award. Previous tours include duty on board the USS Andrew Jackson (SSBN-619) and the USS Groton (SSN-694). Lieutenant Peppe received his undergraduate degree from the University of Minnesota and was commissioned via the Officer Candidate School in 1978.

Articles by P. Kevin Peppe


SSNs: Supporting the Battle Group?

By Commander Kevin Peppe, USN
May 1997
It's a dirty little secret, one of those things most in the business know but are too polite or perhaps too politic to say: U.S. nuclear powered attack submarines (SSNs) ...

Acoustic Showdown for the SSNs

By Lieutenant P. Kevin Peppe, U. S. Navy
July 1987
The sagebrush has given way to sealife, the six-shooters to Mk-48s, but like the old West’s showdowns, future SSN fights may come down to quick draws at close range.