A graduate of Harvard and its NROTC, Commander Harlow chased submarines in a PC boat during the Battle of the Atlantic and was also Aide and Flag Secretary to Vice Admiral Jonas H. Ingram, Commander Fourth Fleet. He completed the Staff Preparatory Course at the Naval War College in 1944, and at present is Aide to the Senior U. S. Naval Delegate, Inter-American Defense Board.

Articles by Mason Harlow

A New Look at Naval Leadership

By Commander A. Mason Harlow, U. S. Naval Reserve
November 1950
I was just lucky,” began Ensign George Gay of Torpedo Squadron Eight. “I’ve never understood why I was the only one that came back, but I want to be sure ...

The Highest Traditions

By Commander A. Mason Harlow, U. S. Naval Reserve (Inactive)
December 1947
There are few topics more conducive to written or oral exposition by admirers of the Navy than the traditions and customs of the service. From the precepts of the famous ...

The Inter-American Defense Board

By Commander A. Mason Harlow, U. S. Naval Reserve
February 1947
To the many government workers with offices near the New War Department Building on Virginia Avenue in the nation’s capital, the mention of the Inter- American Defense Board in the ...

A Reservist Regrets

By Commander Mason Harlow, U. S. Naval Reserve
September 1946
The United States Navy, for the first time since the dark days of 1942, is about to lose an important engagement, and the American people will be the victors. The ...