Lieutenant Joe Hanacek, U.S. Navy, a surface warfare officer, is pursuing a master’s in systems engineering analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School. He previously served as electronics materiel officer/communications officer on board the USS Jackson (LCS-6) and as strike and combat information center officer on board the USS Lake Champlain (CG-57).

Articles by Joseph Hanacek

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Use Loitering Munitions Against Ships

By Captain Walker D. Mills, U.S. Marine Corps, and Lieutenant Joseph Hanacek and Lieutenant Commander Dylan Phillips-Levine, U.S. Navy
December 2021
Equipping infantry Marines with loitering munitions to employ against adversary surface vessels will keep them relevant in littoral combat.
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Loose Lips Could Save Ships

By Lieutenant Joe Hanacek, U.S. Navy
September 2019
The spilling of any secret is not so much a matter of if as it is when. Critical information can hide in plain sight amid a storm of misinformation.
USS Ohio in South Korea, sailors standing on deck

Presence Is Not Deterrence

By Lieutenant Joseph Hanacek, U.S. Navy
April 2018
In pursuit of its sailing direction to “operate forward,” the U.S. Navy seems to have confused presence with deterrence and, in so doing, hampered its ability to maintain, train, and ...