A pilot in the Army Air Force in World War II, Lieutenant Guill flew combat missions over Germany, was shot down near Hamburg, and spent the last few months of the war in a German prison camp. He completed his undergraduate work after the war, taking a B.S. in chemistry from the University of California in 1947. He was awarded a master’s degree in history from the same institution in 1951 and commissioned in the naval reserve in 1952.

Articles by James H. Guill

Soviet Maritime Expansion In The Pacific

By James H. Guill
November 1959
Karl Haushofer, the German geo-politician, in his Geopolitik des Pazifischen Ozeans declared that the Pacific would be the scene of the next great turning point in history. This conclusion may ...

The Regimen Of The Seas

By Lieutenant James H. Guill, U. S. Navy
December 1957
Since that day when the first caveman pushed a log into an unknown river and rode it downstream, man has been concerned with the possession, exploitation, and control of the ...

Nine Keys to Atlantic Defense

By Lieutenant (J.G.) James H. Guill, U. S. Naval Reserve
October 1953
The huge convoy—the individual ships loaded with troops, military equipment, and supplies—put out from its rendezvous at Halifax on the 16th of September. Sub-chaser blimps and patrol bombers soared overhead ...