Admiral James Foggo, U.S. Navy, is Commander of NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command Naples, Italy (which accommodates NATO’s Hub for the South); Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe; and Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Africa.

Articles by James Foggo

pproximately 40 refugees get rescued from distress at sea in the mediterranean sea offshore the libyan coast on 04 Dec 2016 by the NGO SOS Mediterranee

NATO Looks to the South

By Admiral James Foggo, U.S. Navy, and Mel McNulty
April 2019
NATO is not new to responding to threats beyond its European borders. Through responsiveness to its partners that NATO can best demonstrate its adaptation to challenges from its south.
K-82705 A Soviet MOSKVA Class Ship

The Bear's 'Great Universal Embrace'

By Lieutenant James G. Foggo III, USN
May 1990
When the animals had gathered, the lion looked at the eagle and said gravely, ‘We must abolish talons.’ The tiger looked at the elephant and said, ‘we must abolish tusks.’ ...