A clinical psychologist, Dr. Irwin Ross received his bachelor’s degree in 1952 from Western Reserve University and his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1959. He has done extensive research on neuro-physiological treatment for nervous disorders and serves on the staff of the Psychiatric Clinic of Chicago.

Articles by Irwin Ross


By I. Ross
October 1974
In the second decade of the 18th century, a man of extraordinary violence and brutality terrorized the colonies of Carolina and Virginia. Born in the English port of Bristol, reputedly ...
Crash of the blimp L-8 in Daly City, California.

The Mystery of the L-8

By Irwin Ross
March 1970
The mystery remains why crew of the Navy blimp L-8 disappeared before their derelict craft crashed in Daly City, California on 16 August 1942.