Gary Staff has published several books on Germany’s Imperial Navy, including German Battlecruisers of World War One: Their Design, Construction and Operations (Naval Institute Press, 2014) and Skagerrak: The Battle of Jutland Through German Eyes (Pen and Sword, 2016). He worked for Australian airlines as a maintenance engineer and finished his career as a training captain.

Articles by Gary Staff


Contrasting Battle Cruisers

By Gary Staff
October 2022
Korvettenkapitan Vollerthun succinctly summed up the differences between Royal Navy and Imperial Navy battle cruisers by terming the British ships “battleship-cruisers” and the German ships “cruiser-battleships”—indeed a farsighted and prophetic ...

The Lützow’s Trial by Fire

By Gary Staff
June 2016
Big, fast, and strong, the battlecruiser Lützow led the German line of battle at Jutland, hammering British capital ships and absorbing an amazing number of hits in return.