Dr. Frank A. Blazich Jr. is lead curator, Military History, Division of Political and Military History, National Museum of American History.

Articles by Frank A. Blazich Jr.


Pieces of the Past

By Frank A. Blazich Jr.
June 2022
An artifact in the National Museum of American History tells the intriguing tale of a U.S. Navy connection to, of all things, the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
Composite image of Admiral George Dewey and his insignia

Pieces of the Past

By Frank Blazich Jr.
October 2019
Within the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History's collection is a series of shoulder strap insignia once worn by Admiral George Dewey.
"Pensacola Torpedoed" by Clarence J. Tibado

The ‘Grey’ Ghost’s Artist

By Frank A. Blazich Jr.
August 2019
From Midway to Okinawa, Radarman Clarence Tibado served on board the cruiser Pensacola in one Pacific battle after another, capturing the action in a series of vividly rendered paintings.