Articles by Brian O'Rourke

Driveless truck

Rogue Fires

By Brian O'Rourke
June 2021
Raytheon and the Marine Corps have tested the latest innovation in the Marine Corps’ effort to integrate antiship weapons into its arsenal—a driverless truck.
The Coast Guard Cutter Dallas (WHEC-716) offloads humanitarian relief supplies in Batumi, Republic of Georgia, in 2008.

The Nationalized Fleet?

By Scott Truver and Brian O’Rourke
August 2020
Is there any hope for the Navy–Coast Guard ‘National Fleet’ concept? It is looking increasingly unlikely.
Aviation ordnancemen on the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) inspect Mk 62 Quickstrike mines. On the right, a Quickstrike–ER (extended range) mine deploys its wings as it drops from an Air Force B-52H bomber.

Damn! Torpedoes!

By Scott Truver, Brian O’Rourke, and Commander Brooke Millard, USCG
May 2020
The Navy is starting to pay attention to offensive mine warfare again.