August Cole works on creative foresight at SparkCognition. He is the co-author of Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War and regularly publishes short stories about future conflicts.

Articles by August Cole

Given the likely involvement of both civilian and naval vessels and attempts by all sides to shape the narrative, details on any future skirmish in the Asia-Pacific region may be difficult to discern. Shutterstock

The World Wonders

By August Cole and P. W. Singer
September 2020
Proceedings asked several frequent contributors how the next conflict might start. This is the second in that series.
Image of a future war with future armored personnel carriers

Automated Valor

By August Cole; Illustrated by Alex Jay Brady
May 2018
The year is 2039. The British Commonwealth Legion is engaged in battle in Djibouti. AI, machine learning, advanced bots, lasers, and even a few humans are part of the action.