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It is not too late to become a member of the Naval Institute's Leadership Club 2004. Your gift of $1,000 or more by year's end helps the Naval Institute, offers a tax deduction, and will distinguish you as a valued supporter in good company:

Fred L. Ames
Benjamin B. Baker
Charles J. Beers Jr.
Richard A. Behrenhausen
Frank L. Boushee
Mark H. Buzby
Ben C. Byrnside
Joseph F. Callo and Sally McElwreath
Eileen and Michael Carberry
Nicholas A. Castruccio
Francesco Costagliola
Russell S. Crenshaw Jr.
David E. Cummins
John C. Doherty
Robert F. Dunn
Thomas Egan
Charles D. Eidson
Richard E. Foster
Richard N. Frank
Henry A. Frantzen
Wayne R. Fritz
John H. Fullmer
The Honorable and Mrs. H. Lawrence Garrett III
Phoebe B. Gilpin
Kent Halvorsen
Robert E. Hanrahan Jr.
J. Ira and Nicki Harris Foundation
Robert W. Hayden
Bruce H. Hooper
Michael A. Howland
James P. Jamison
Joseph E. Jannotta Jr.
Gustave N. Johansen*
Sheldon H. Kinney
Harry W. Konkel
Lloyd G. LeCain
The Honorable Samuel K. Lessey Jr.
Paul G. Linaweaver Jr.
Angie F. Marshall
Rosa Laird McDonald, CBE
Kirk McAlexander
Bennette and Ellen McGraw
Edward and Joyce Miller
P. X. O'Neill
Howard Pinskey
Anthony K. Plummer Jr.
Harriet and Edward Polk
James N. Pritzker
J. Paul Reason
Earl F. Rippee
James A. Roberts
Clive Runnells
Charles W. Rush Jr.
The John J. Schiff Family
Robert W. Selle
Nepier V. Smith
Willard B. Snyder
Andrew F. Tabas
Betty Taussig
Robert E. Thomas
Everett P. Weaver
Howard R. Weiss
Thomas L. Wilkerson
James E. Wise Jr.

* deceased
For more information about the Leadership Club contact Sue Sweeney at (410) 295-1054 or at [email protected] .

Photo Sales Assist the Institute's Preservation Efforts

The photo archives staff currently is digitizing thousands of images of U.S. Navy ships and launching a project to sell specially selected and processed high-end images on the Internet. Approximately 1,400 photographs of individuals now are available for a nominal fee at the Naval Institute's Web site, .

Maintaining the Naval Institute's photo archives —the largest private collection of naval photography in the world—is expensive. Gift income helps underwrite the hardware, software, and labor costs of photo preservation efforts. You can help by sending your tax-deductible gift to the Naval Institute Foundation, 291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD 21402, or by making a donation online .*

Articles on technology and innovation are made possible in part by a grant from Battelle Memorial Institute

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