U.S. Naval Institute 1873-1998: The Sea Service Forum

Taken together, the activities of the Naval Institute provide a true and open forum for naval and maritime affairs, supportive of sea power but not sycophantic. I trust that they will remain so.

General Simmons is the Director Emeritus, Marine Corps History, and author of The United States Marines: A History (1998). His 36 years of active service included combat in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam at every command level from platoon to division.

Dr. Dov Zakheim

Joining the Naval Institute within a few months of my arriving in Washington in 1975 to work in the fledgling Congressional Budget Office was one of the best moves I have made. The Naval Institute and its Proceedings have consistently kept me abreast of the freshest, most original professional military thinking and invariably have been a major source for my research, regardless of the position I held at any given time.

The Naval Institute's leadership has set the standard for encouraging independent thought and discussion among both Navy and Marine Corps personnel and those who keep a close eye on the sea services. Its seminars are invariably intellectually lively and politically stimulating—and are as valuable to the seasoned professional as to the budding policy wonk. I am fortunate to have served the Naval Institute both as a Proceedings author and book reviewer and as a panelist at symposia; it is an affiliation in which I take great pride.

Dr. Zakheim is chief executive officer of SPC International Corporation in Arlington, Virginia, and former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration.



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