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"Five Questions About Jonathan Pollard"
The New York Times

"A fascinating insider's account of how
Israel betrayed the United States by running a clandestine spy in naval intelligence who caused 'colossal' damage to U.S. national security." 
— Bill Gertz, national security report for the Washington Times and author of Enemies: How America's Foes Steal our Vital Secrets—And How We Let It Happen

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“Robert Harder has come closer than any other writer to capturing the special relationship that existed between my grandfather, Tom Ferebee, and ‘Dutch’ Van Kirk. This is an intriguing story of three gifted aviators, war-proven leaders, and a partnership that changed the world.”

—Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets IV, USAF

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“Dennis Noble’s The Sailor’s Homer is an especially insightful and evocative biography of Richard McKenna, author of the award-winning novel The Sand Pebbles, which inspired the 1966 movie of the same name starring Steve McQueen. ... A must read!”—Edward J. Marolda, author of Ready Seapower: A History of the U.S. Seventh Fleet 

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Very Special Ships is the first full-length book about the Abdiel-class fast minelayers, which were considered the fastest and most versatile to serve in the Royal Navy during World War II. 

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