Proceedings Magazine - February 2011 Vol. 137/2/1,296

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For warriors coming home with psychological wounds, research indicates that some of the best ‘medicine’ can be smooth transition into a job.

The percentage of...


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Nobody Asked Me But. . .

It’s Not All About the Littorals

The term “littoral” seems to dominate today’s naval vocabulary. Some believe...

From the Deckplates

Recognize Training Excellence

The veracity of the idiom “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” can be argued,...

Strategic Choices at the Tipping Point
In light of global economic and strategic realities, here’s how the Navy of the future might look.

Russia's Black Sea Threat
Revitalizing its fleet and making political inroads in the region, the Kremlin hopes to reassert its strategic influence—...
Arresting Suicide
Some see peer-to-peer support as an effective—if not fully tapped—deterrent to a tragic and baffling phenomenon that...
Inside the Storm
For the 20th anniversary of ground combat in Operation Desert Storm, we asked the commander of U.S. Marines in theater at the...
Lest We Forget: Wingmen


Flying 1,000 feet above the icy mountains of Korea, the Corsair’s engine cut out—the result of a lucky shot from...

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Top Supporters of 2010

The Naval Institute enjoyed the support of thousands of donors in 2010. Our special thanks to the following...

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From Deployment to Employment
For warriors coming home with psychological wounds, research indicates that some of the best ‘medicine’ can be smooth...
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Now Hear This

Reduce the Deficit—But Strenghten the Military

Among the most urgent of government priorities as we begin the new year is to...

Answering The Call

Take It From ‘The Admiral’—The Navy Helped Shape His Life

Learning to Operate in Cyberspace
With the establishment of U.S. Cyber Command and cyber security a national priority, operations in the ‘fifth domain...
When War Hits Home
After nearly a decade of war, National Guard and military reservists serve in greater numbers than ever before, leaving their...
Setting the Record Straight
A popular 1990s book propagated dubious assertions about the birth of the Navy SEALs. Here’s the true story.

The Aircraft Carrier Comes of Age
Shaping and steering the first U.S. carrier task force, “Bull” Reeves demonstrated the potential, and the punching...
Professional Notes

Use Data to Improve Medical Care at Sea

By Captain Frederick Foote, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy (Retired)

Book Reviews

My Nuclear Family: A Coming-of-Age in America’s 21st Century Military

Christopher Brownfield. New York: Alfred A. Knopf,...

U.S. Navy

STARTing Anew

The U.S. Senate has ratified the New START nuclear-arms reduction treaty, which was signed by the U.S. and Russian...

Naval Systems

Cobham Extends Role for Aegis Support

Cobham Antenna Systems is building critical electronic components for transfer of shipboard...

World Naval Developments

The Moscow-New Delhi Express

Combat Fleets

From Our Archive

‘Man is made for something better than disturbing dirt.’

Oscar Wilde (1854–1900)

Whether working...


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