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Lest We Forget: Joseph K. Taussig Jr.; USS Langley (CV-27)

Joseph K. Taussig Jr.

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Congress's Deeds Do Not Match Its Words
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Save the Tico!
Let Them Eat Democracy
Culture-Centric Warfare
Who’s Responsible for Losing the Media War in Iraq?
A Farewell to the Gulf
Officers Have Exceptional Responsibility
Strike Subs before They Are at Sea
Will Judgment Be a Casualty of NCW?
Electronic Fires Deserve Joint Targeting Cycle Tasking
Keep Men in the Loop ,
Swift Boats: Hard Day on the Bo De
It Pays to Do the Dirty Work
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Nobody Asked Me, But ...
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Nobody Asked Me, But ...
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Rethinking the Principles of War— One Year On
Lest We Forget
Charting Your Course
Culture-Centric Warfare

Transformation has been interpreted as exclusively technological, but against an enemy who fights unconventionally—as...

Who's Responsible for Losing the Media War in Iraq?

The military laments that its successes in Iraq and Afghanistan have gone unnoticed, while any bad news is immediately set on...

Swift Boats: Hard Day on the Bo De

In an edited excerpt from an oral history conducted by the Naval Institute’s Paul Stillwell, the former Coast Guard...

Will Judgment Be a Casualty of NCW?

Technology is a powerful enabler, but it threatens to compromise the decision-making prerogatives of the commander closest to...

Congress's Deeds Do Not Match Its Words

Some observers regard the 9/11 Commission's findings and recommendations as holy writ. Whether they are or are not, congressional reaction to the...

Editor's Page

Last month in this column, we said our seminar program is Proceedings Live—and at Forum 2004 on 7 September in Crystal City, the 18...

From Our Archive: World War I Liberty Bond Truck

A World War I liberty bond truck makes the rounds in the streets of Washington, D.C.

This and other photos are available as prints through...

Preparations for WMD Attacks Are Lacking

How can multiple federal, state and local agencies merge their capabilities to effectively respond to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) attacks...


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