Proceedings Magazine - December 2003 Vol. 129/12/1,210

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Some Navy commands are ignorant in reserve matters and waste precious assets. Others "get it" and derive tremendous advantages...


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Naval Aviation Retrospective: Heroes by Any Definition

In recognition of the Centennial of Flight observations planned for Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, this month, a retired...

Lest We Forget: Douglas Hegdahl, Columbia

Douglas Hegdahl

Nineteen-year-old Douglas Hegdahl joined the Navy in 1966 to see the world. He soon got his wish. Within a few months...

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Integrate Your Reserves: A How-to Primer

Some Navy commands are ignorant in reserve matters and waste precious assets. Others...

Innovation from the War Fighter

The war on terror and the accelerating pace of technological change demand innovation in the Navy. An experimental program in...

Removal from a Promotion List—The Unkindest Cut

Most military officers' careers progress according to well-known rules. For example, good performance is rewarded by favorable fitness reports,...

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Maritime Security Dialogue

Thu, 2015-05-14

Please join us for a Maritime Security Dialogue event: The Future of the Silent Service Featuring a discussion with: Vice Admiral...

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Guest Expert Panalist

Wed, 2015-05-27

Captain Bernard Cole

Guest Expert Panalist

Wed, 2015-05-27

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