Proceedings Magazine - December 1942 Vol. 68/12/478


  • The Aircraft Carrier - The Backbone of Aero-Sea Warfare
    John A. Collett


    An aircraft carrier is a ship whose main battery (the air group) can fire 150 to 200 miles with devastating accuracy and whose lookouts can clearly see the same distance under average weather conditions. No other type of ship in...


  • Proceedings Survey

  • Standing for Our Flag

    In the June Proceedings, Captain Eyer in his “Charting a Course” column introduced retired Navy Admiral William...


    # 3 The Exocet Missile 


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  • Some Selective Service Aspects Of Interest To The Navy
    By Captain L. W. Hesselman, U. S. Naval Reserve
  • A Proposed Method of Selecting Candidates for the Naval Academy
    By Lieutenant (j.g.) J. K. Taussig, Jr., U. S. Navy

    It has been variously estimated that it costs between $8,000 and $12,000 to put a midshipman through the Naval Academy. Besides the $87.50 each midshipman receives per month as pay and subsistence allowance, the costs of maintenance of the...

  • Poland's Navy Fights On
    By Walton L. Robinson

    One of the most unusual features of World War II is the continued participation in hostilities by the armed forces, particularly the navies, of countries which have been overrun and occupied by the Nazis. Poland, Norway, Holland, France, Greece,...

  • The Mexican Escuela Naval Militar Del Pacifico
    By Commander Olin Scoggins, U. S. Navy
  • The Tactically Logical Cruiser For Modern War
    By Peter Marsh Stanford
  • Three Years Of Warfare At Sea
    By C. H. Spilman
  • Direction, Course, And Bearing
    By Lieutenant Commander Delwyn Hyatt, U. S. Navy (Retired)
  • The Revenue Cutters in the Quasi-War with France
    By Lieutenant (J.G.) R. W. Daly, U. S. Coast Guard Reserve

    In 1798, the United States drifted into an undeclared war with the Republic of France. The necessity to fight found us ill-prepared. Such naval vessels as we possessed were under the authority of the War Department, while their number and...

  • Seabees
    By Commander E. J. Spaulding, U. S. Naval Reserve
  • An Unknown Naval Hero - Frank Abney Hastings
    By Admiral Mark Kerr, R.N., C.B., M.V.O.
  • The Aircraft Carrier - The Backbone Of Aero-Sea Warfare
    By Lieutenant Commander John A. Collett, U. S. Navy
  • The Coast Guard in the War
    By Lieutenant (J.G.) Claiborne Pell, U. S. Coast Guard Reserve

    Over a year ago “The Coast Guard as a Naval Asset” appeared in these pages. Since then we have had our declaration of a war which has so far been an essentially naval one for the United States. We have had an ample opportunity to see...

  • Suggested Attack On Seasickness
    By Captain W. H. Michael (M.C.), U. S. Navy
  • Miniature Art Groups
    By Captain Harry A. Baldridge, U. S. Navy (Retired)
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  • Book Reviews
  • Notes On International Affairs
  • Professional Notes
  • Photographs


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