Proceedings Magazine - May 1938 Vol. 64/5/423

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Prize Essay, 1938

"If they allow us to take our stations, I am sure of them, for I know that nothing can resist a line-of-battle-ship's fire."—Edward Pellew, Lord...


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The Battleship: Her Evolution and Her Present Place in the Scheme of Naval War

Prize Essay, 1938

"If they allow us to take our stations, I am sure of them, for I know that nothing can resist a line-of-battle-ship...

A Survey of Authors of the Naval Institute Proceedings
From all of the editions of the Naval Institute Proceedings published during the three years 1935-37, the authors of articles were listed and to...
Memo - Buy License
"Memo—buy license."

How many times that note has appeared on my desk calendar! And how great has been the enjoyment and...

The Perpetuation of History and Tradition at the United States Naval Academy Today

Unlike many of the well-known colleges and universities of our country, the United States Naval Academy—while having reached a dignified old...

The Keokuk's Guns

In April, 1863, the powerful squadron of Federal ironclads opened their attack on Fort Sumter. This fleet numbered nine...

The Capture and Destruction of the Barrier Forts
In the fall of 1856 a state of war existed between the provincial government of Canton, China, and the British naval forces, under command of...
Bay of Fundy Tides
Much has been written but little is known of the cause of the exceptionally large range of tide in the Hay of Fundy, and the explanation of the...
Naval Courts-Martial and Their Oaths to Witnesses

A New Interpretation

The new manual, Naval Courts and Boards—1937, has brought to the fore a new interpretation of the oath...

The Effect of Shallow Water Upon the Resistance of Ships

Of interest to both the operating personnel and the designers are those elements which affect the Propulsion of ships. Shallow water is one of the...

Naval Aviation and the Numbers Racket

"Where there is no imagination the people perish.” Let us examine some of the reasons why a dearth of imagination is deadly. It appears...

Fisherman's Paradise—Settler’s Hell

The Galapagos Islands, discovered in 1535, consist of 24 principal islands and innumerable smaller ones straddling the equator in longitude 89...

Discussions, Comments and Notes

Naval Courts-Martial and Their Oaths to Witnesses

(See page 704, this issue)

Commander T. L. Gatch, U. S. Navy.

Book Reviews

JANE’S FIGHTING SHIPS, 1937. Edited by Francis E. McMurtrie, A.I.N.A. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd. 425.


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