Proceedings Magazine - December 1925 Vol. 51/12/274

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“The American motor car owns Rio.” So said an American naval officer recently returned from Brazil. The further information that Yankee automobiles have captured practically the whole...



Pulitzer Trophy Race

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Sea Power and Pocketbooks

“The American motor car owns Rio.” So said an American naval officer recently returned from Brazil. The further information that...

Bombing Radius as Affected By Wind

TO SWIM a mile and back at two miles an hour takes sixty minutes. But if one swims it down with, and up against, a mile-an-hour current, one mile...

Naval Mining and Naval Mines

The brief historical résumé of the history of the development and use of naval mines contained herein is taken from a “Study of the Mission...

Naval Aircraft in International Law

The application of existing international law and agreements to the use of aircraft in maritime warfare presents many questions of interest not...

Control of the Seas By an Air Department

IN AN economic sense, two extreme types of nations may be recognized: the nation which produces and exports raw materials and imports manufactured...

Direct Reading Maneuvering Diagrams

IT IS probably true that the Mooring and Maneuvering Diagram in the hands of an expert, is the best all-round means of solving the various...

A Device for Solving for True Wind

IN VIEW of the fact that several of the new fire control installations call for the use of true wind instead of apparent wind, it is expedient to...

The Destroyer Engineer in Battle

EVERYONE will agree that the training of a destroyer’s engineer force in practical engineering battle casualties is essential. More than...

A Destroyer Division Commander's Inspection

EVERY destroyer skipper thinks his ship is the most efficient one in the squadron. Only one can be that, and at present, despite many wardroom and...

The War Staff Idea Afloat

PROBABLY the most striking and significant lesson of the World War is the realization that without the coordination of all the resources of a...

United States Occupation of the Dominican Republic

THERE have been published many and varied articles relative to the condition prior to and after the occupation of the Dominican Republic by the...

Are You Worth It?

JUST how much are you worth to your wife? Not in a sentimental way, but in terms of dollars and cents? It would seem a simple question to answer,...


Possible Improvements in Our Gunnery Training

(See page 1696, September, 1925, Proceedings...

Professional Notes

Pulitzer Trophy Race

By H.W. Underwood


Notes on International Affairs



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THE LAWLESS LAW OF NATIONS. By Sterling E. Edmunds, LL.D. Washington, D.C.: John Byrne and Company. $5.00.



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