The Paul Revere under way in the Pacific.
U.S.S. Yorktown
As executive officer of VP-22 in the 1960s, John Coughlin ramped up cold-weather training for the aircrews prior to an Alaskan deployment in the dead of winter.
Recalling the rigors of training on a sailing ship, Admiral James Gracey observed, “You learned that you could do things you never dreamed of, and you learned the importance of teamwork.”
The Royal Australian Navy Adelaide-class guided-missile frigate Darwin intercepts the Iraqi motor vessel Tamdur smuggling prohibited goods in the Gulf of Oman, September 1990.
RADM John S. Coye Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Daniel Tomlinson remembered Lieutenant Commander William F. Halsey as “a marvelous battalion officer while I was at the Academy—tough but absolutely square. Everyone loved Bull Halsey.”