Arctic ice
Ocean Floor
Cargo Ship
Wind turbines on the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, off the coast of Cumbria, England, in the Irish Sea.
Dependence on the sea for critical resources has been key in Japan’s development as a maritime nation.
The new-born island of Surtsey, off Iceland, on 30 November 1963, as captured in this photo 16 days after the start of the eruption that led to its creation. Today, it is a 346-acre, 510-foot-high island slowly being repopulated by nature.
Coast Guard Academy cadets conduct their first day of the Coastal Sail Training Program on board a 44-foot sloop on the Thames River. Sail training has always been an essential part of the Academy’s training.
A hydrographic survey ship uses a multibeam sonar seafloor mapping system.