Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II

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This is a major new study of Italian naval camouflage schemes developed and used during World War II. When Italy entered the War in June 1940, the Regia Marina (Italian navy) was a force still under development and both Italian warships and merchant ships started the war in their peacetime colors, although prewar plans had been made for camouflaging ships.

At that time, all the principal warships were painted in a light matte grey (“grigio cenerino chiaro”), that was adopted in the 1920s and early ‘30s. With the advent of war, and the start of convoy traffic to Libya, the need to camouflage ships for purposes of deception, rather than outright concealment, became apparent and the first initiatives were undertaken.

Employing contemporary schematic drawings, photographs, and his own CAD profiles, Marco Ghiglino, describes the development of the varied schemes that were adopted for the capital ships, such as Caio Duilia and Littorio, cruisers, destroyers and torpedo boats, landing craft, and merchant ships; even the royal yacht and small tugs were given camouflage schemes. Ghiglino depicts all the ships and their schemes, at different dates, with both sides of the ship shown where possible, in his own beautifully rendered schematic profiles, all in full color. It is this section with more than 700 drawings that gives the reader a complete and detailed picture of the development of Italian naval camouflage. He also looks in detail at the Greek theater where there were many exceptions, influenced by the German presence and by the camouflage schemes of captured vessels.


This major new reference book will prove invaluable to historians, collectors, model makers, and wargamers and follows in the wake of the hugely successful editions covering German and British camouflage schemes of World War II.

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  • “[Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II] certainly belongs on the bookshelf of anyone interested in World War 2 naval history, particularly either the Regia Marina or naval camouflage. If I needed to rate this book out of five, I would have no hesitation giving it 6 stars out of 5. Brilliant book, simply brilliant.” —Thomo's Hole
  • “The Italian navy of World War II was blessed with the most spectacular array of camouflage schemes of any combatant. Marco Ghiglino is the expert on this subject. The book is very comprehensive. All types and classes are thoroughly covered. Camouflage patterns are illustrated by hundreds of elevation drawings showing port and starboard views of virtually every ship commissioned by the Regia Marina. This includes not only the operational warships down to torpedo boats, but motor torpedo boats, auxiliaries and ships taken over from other navies…. This book is a modeller’s gold mine. If you are looking for colour and flair for your model fleet then the Italian navy is a must. For those collecting this fleet for wargames or modelling this book is a great guide to painting.” —Wargames Illustrated

Marco Ghiglino is a serving officer in the Italian navy and has been researching naval camouflage for many years. He is an accomplished draughtsman. This is his first book.

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Italian Naval Camouflage of World War II
This is a major new study of Italian naval camouflage schemes developed and used during World War...Read More

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