The Fragmenting World Economy and the Impact on International Security
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Published:May 15, 2019

T. X. Hammes advances the argument that the emerging fourth industrial revolution is reversing globalization. The convergence of new technologies is changing how and where we create wealth. Quite simply, business will make more money by producing and selling locally than internationally. As wealth creation becomes local or regional, so does security. Hammes makes the case that this period of deglobalization will be long-term.

How and where wealth was generated often drove conflict in the past. The major shift in wealth generation driven by the fourth industrial revolution will have a profound impact on the nature of state relationships and international security. A major development is the emergence of small, smart, and cheap but highly capable weapons systems. These systems will allow small states, and even insurgent groups, to impose very high costs on the United States if it chooses to intervene in local conflicts.

It is essential for policy-makers to be aware of the range of effects this revolutionary shift will bring about. They must investigate the impact on U.S. security while there is still time to change our concepts, structures, and plans.

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  • "Deglobaliza​tion is a work of stunning originality, deep comprehension, and remarkable vision. Hammes pulls together the economic, political, and technological forces that increasingly challenge U.S. security and world leadership. He is right to urge a comprehensive response to these interlocked and deepening crises." —Jim Hoagland, ​ Annenberg Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution and ​foreign affairs columnist for The Washington Post
  • ​"Blending his usual provocative thinking with penetrating insights into future technological developments, Dr. Hammes offers a perceptive look into our future. The implications of this assessment are both lucidly presented and profound. Deglobalization will surely prove invaluable to Congress and the defense policy community." —F. G. Hoffman, Ph.D., Foreign Policy Research Institute
  • "This is a remarkable book. Timely, extensively researched, and wide ranging, it addresses interacting challenges that will have profound economic, political and security implications. Not only are these already happening faster than many realize, but they are accelerating. Dr. Hammes raises important questions about current and planned U.S. force structure, the rising costs of intervention, and the changing character of war. I recommend it highly." —Dr. Linton Wells II, Visiting Distinguished Research Fellow, National Defense University and former Assistant Secretary of Defense and DOD Chief Information Officer

T. X. Hammes served 30 years in the U.S. Marines. He has a doctorate in modern history from Oxford University. His research at the National Defense University focuses on future conflict. The author of two previous books and over 150 articles, he has lectured internationally on future conflict and insurgency.

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T. X. Hammes advances the argument that the emerging fourth industrial revolution is reversing...Read More

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