Combat at Close Quarters

An Illustrated History of the U.S. Navy in the Vietnam War
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Published:April 15, 2018
By Edward J. Marolda (Author)

PRESS RELEASE: Combat at Close Quarters by Naval Institute Press

An in-depth look at the U.S. Navy’s role in the Vietnam War featuring highly-detailed photos, maps, and paintings

Combat at Close Quarters presents the work of five renowned historians who describe and interpret the U.S. Navy’s major combat operations in Southeast Asia, including the Rolling Thunder and Linebacker strikes against North Vietnam, the river war in South Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, and the intelligence campaign. Over 200 images drawn from Navy archives and private collections, detailed maps, and a select list of the most authoritative works on the subject complement the concise, readable text. The chapters describe not only the actions of the warships, aircraft, and river vessels involved in one of America’s longest wars but the professional skill, dedication, and courage of the Navy men and women who journeyed into harm’s way in Vietnam.

Covering both the air war and riverine combat in Vietnam, Combat at Close Quarters provides a lavishly-illustrated history of the U.S. Navy’s role in the entire conflict. Special focus is paid in this volume to the leadership of Vice Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr., the Navy’s role in Linebacker, the bombing and mining campaign that helped compel Hanoi to end the war and release American POWs, as well as the Navy’s intelligence efforts in Southeast Asia, from the controversial Tonkin Gulf Incident to the end of the conflict. The work fully explains both the operations of communications and electronics analysts at the theater level and the aerial reconnaissance, SEAL, and NILO intelligence-gathers at the tactical level, whether over North Vietnam and Laos or on the ground in South Vietnam. In short, Combat at Close Quarters describes in depth the Navy’s major and essential role in a conflict that marked a milestone in modern American history.     

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  • “For Naval strategists and thinkers this book represents an important contribution. In some respects, it echoes and perhaps aligns with Harlan K. Ullman’s book Anatomy of Failure – why America Loses every war it Starts (USNI, 2017), in examining from a geo-strategic perspective the tactical and operational level successes (at close quarters) of the U.S. Navy in Vietnam.” —The NAVY Magazine
  • “This book highlights the U.S. Navy’s significant and varied contribution to the Vietnam War effort. Those of us who fought there necessarily focused on accomplishing our particular mission. The authoritatively written and wonderfully illustrated narratives by distinguished historians in this worthy book tell the rest of the story.” —Adm. Stanley R. Arthur, USN (Ret.)
  • "Vietnam naval campaigns conjure up a slew of vivid memories: Heat, sweat, mud, and—most especially—combat. Edited by an expert, this book puts the reader right back into the thick of it—battling in the skies, patrolling the coasts, and savage fighting on the rivers." —Capt. Peter Swartz, USN (Ret.)
  • “A thoroughly researched, well-written account of the U.S. Navy’s involvement in the Vietnam War, from the design of strategy at the highest levels to a detailed description of combat operations. This book will no doubt become the standard source on all aspects of the Navy’s nine-year fight in Southeast Asia.”—Mark Clodfelter, author of The Limits of Air Power: The American Bombing of North Vietnam
  • "Despite the Vietnam War’s final outcome, American Sailors effectively and often heroically took the fight to the enemy in the air and waters of Southeast Asia. Through words and a wealth of pictures, Ed Marolda captures the contributions and sacrifices of the U.S. Navy under arduous circumstances, preserving an important chapter in history for the edification and inspiration of current and future generations." —Thomas J. Cutler, author of Brown Water, Black Berets: Coastal and Riverine Warfare in Vietnam, and winner of the Commodore Dudley W. Knox Lifetime Achievement in Naval History Award, 2015
  • "Authoritative and visually compelling, Combat at Close Quarters is a masterful look at the US Navy’s role in the Vietnam War. From the skies over Hanoi, to life aboard a PBR in the Mekong Delta, Edward Marolda’s achievement is unsurpassed in both breadth and accessibility – a must read addition to any collection on the Vietnam War." —Andrew Wiest, author of The Boys of ’67: Charlie Company’s War in Vietnam and University Distinguished Professor of History, University of Southern Mississippi

Edward J. Marolda served as the Acting Director of Naval History and Senior Historian of the Navy. In 2017 the Naval Historical Foundation honored him with its Commodore Dudley W. Knox Naval History Lifetime Achievement Award. He has authored, coauthored, or edited nine works on the U.S. Navy’s experience in Vietnam. In support of the U.S. Naval Institute’s Oral History Program, he has interviewed Vietnam veterans and retired admirals Stanley R. Arthur and Joseph W. Prueher. At Georgetown University, Dr. Marolda has taught courses on the Cold War in the Far East and the Vietnam War. He holds degrees in history from Pennsylvania Military College (BA), Georgetown University (MA), and George Washington University (PhD).

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