The British Pacific Fleet

The Royal Navy's Most Powerful Strike Force
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Published:May 15, 2017
By David Hobbs (Author)

In August 1944 the British Pacific Fleet did not exist. Six months later it was strong enough to launch air attacks on Japanese territory, and by the end of the war it constituted the most powerful force in the history of the Royal Navy, fighting as professional equals alongside the U.S. Navy. How this was achieved by a nation nearing exhaustion after five years of conflict is a story of epic proportions in which ingenuity, diplomacy, and dogged persistence all played a part. This ground-breaking new work by David Hobbs describes the background, creation, and expansion of the British Pacific Fleet from its first tentative strikes, through operations off the coast of Japan, to its impact on the immediate post-war period. It includes the opinions of U.S. Navy liaison officers attached to the British flagships.

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  • Subject: World War II
  • Paperback : 480 pages
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  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (May 15, 2017)
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  • “…A modern classic of naval history… a must read for Australian naval professionals and an important source for those interested in naval operations in the 21st century…” – Australian Naval Institute

DAVID HOBBS, a retired Fleet Air Arm pilot, is the acknowledged expert on British naval aviation and the author of more than twenty published works. Having served in Victorious, he is supremely qualified to write this book.

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