Fighting Admirals of World War II

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Published:May 1, 2009
By David Wragg (Author)

Control of the sea was a crucial element in the outcome of World War II. The U-boat campaign almost brought Britain to her knees; the Arctic convoys were vital in keeping Russia in the war; Pearl Harbor brought America into the conflict with massive repercussions; the battle of Midway was one of the key turning points in the war. Allied naval supremacy made the D-day landings possible.

Written by a well-know naval historian, this work examines in detail all theaters and major campaigns, focusing on the most important naval commanders of both sides. Included are five British admirals (Pound, Cunningham, Ramsay, Horton, Somerville); five American admirals (King, Nimitz, Spruance, Halsey, Fletcher); three German admirals (Raeder, Doenitz, Lutjens); three Japanese admirals (Yamamato, Nagumo, Koga); and two French admirals (Darlan, de la Borde). The French are included because of the naval problems faced by France, in particular the courageous decision to scuttle their fleet rather than let it fall into German hands in late 1942.

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David Wragg has written more than seven books, including Plan Z: The Nazi Bid for Naval Dominance. He lives near Edinburgh.

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Fighting Admirals of World War II
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Very well written book.
Tuesday, April 4, 2017
By: Matt Ferguson
Very well written book. Really informational and well laid out. You get new found respect for what someone of them deal with, when the whole world was at war. Also different leadership styles.


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