The Siege of Tsingtau

The German-Japanese War 1914
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Published:November 1, 2017
The German-Japanese War was a key, yet often neglected, episode in the opening phase of World War I. Charles Stephenson's account makes fascinating reading. The siege of Tsingtau by the Japanese, with token British participation, forms the core of his story. The author draws on Japanese and German primary sources to describe the defenses, the landings, the course of the siege, and eventual German surrender. His study is absorbing reading for anyone interested in the campaigns of the war outside of Europe, in German colonial expansion, and the rise to power of Japan.
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  • Subject: World War I
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  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (November 1, 2017)
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  • The Siege of Tsingtau is a good read which makes one think about the wider implications of a nation adopting a maritime strategy. The events of 1914 in the Asia-Pacific deserve to be better known then they are at present. It would make a good case-study for any naval or military professional wishing to develop their own strategic thinking.” – Australian Naval Institute
CHARLES STEPHENSON is an established author on naval and siege warfare and the history of fortifications. He is also the creator of the three books that (thus far) constitute the Samson Plews Collection.

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The Siege of Tsingtau
The German-Japanese War was a key, yet often neglected, episode in the opening phase of World War I...Read More

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