Neglected Skies

The Demise of British Naval Power in the Far East, 1922–42
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Published:October 15, 2017
Neglected Skies uses a reconsideration of the clash between the British Eastern Fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy's First Air Fleet in the Indian Ocean in April 1942 to draw a larger conclusion about declining British military power in the era. In this book, Angus Britts explores the end of British naval supremacy from an operational perspective. By primarily analyzing the evolution of British naval aviation during the interwar period, as well as the challenges that the peacetime Royal Navy was forced to confront, a picture emerges of a battle fleet that entered the war in September 1939 unready for combat. By examining the development of Japan's first-strike carrier battle group, the Kido Butai, Britts charts both the rise of Japan as a wartime power as well as the demise of the Royal Navy. Japan, by concentrating their six largest aircraft carriers into a single strike force with state-of-the-art aircraft, had taken a quantum leap forward in warfighting at sea. Simultaneously, British forces found themselves outmatched in this Eastern theatre and Britts makes the case, by looking at a set of key battles, that this is where the global supremacy of Britain's naval power ended.
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ANGUS BRITTS is a qualified historian from Australia who specializes in military studies, and who has enjoyed a background in the subject since his childhood in the 1970s. His studies have included politics, international relations, and a variety of historical subjects.

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Neglected Skies
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