The Naval War in the Baltic, 1939-1945

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Published:June 15, 2017
By Poul Grooss (Author)

From the shelling of the fort at Westerplatte, on the Polish coast, on 1 September 1939, to the loss of thousands of German refugees at sea in May 1945, the Baltic witnessed continuous and ferocious fighting throughout World War II. In this new book Poul Groos chronicles naval warfare in the region and covers such major events as the siege of Leningrad, the Soviet campaign against Sweden in 1942, the three wars in Finland 1939–44, the Soviet liberation of the Baltic states, and the German evacuation of two million people from the East, and the Soviet race westwards in 1945.

Groos also explores topics such as Swedish cooperation with Germany, the Germans’ use of the Baltic to train U-boats crews for the battle of the Atlantic, the secret weapons trials in the remote area of Peenmünde, and the RAF mining campaign that reduced the threat of new and revolutionary German submarine technology. He explains how messages from Bletchley Park were the basis for the RAF attacks on German coastal regions. Moreover, Groos provides the political and military context of the war in this theater and he describes details of ships, radar, artillery, mines, and aircraft.

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  • “… The Naval War in the Baltic is not only a guide to important naval actions that took place within the Baltic region, but also offers a great deal in terms of the geopolitical relationships and combined arms actions in the area as well.” – The Northern Mariner
  • "The Naval War in the Baltic offers a good look at a largely neglected theatre, and will prove valuable reading for anyone studying World War II at sea, or naval operations in the littorals and in support of land campaigns." —Strategy Page
  • "This book is one I will return to many times in the future I think. For the naval historian, the wargamer and the general reader, it is well worth waiting for this re-release and grabbing a copy." —Thomo's Hole

POUL GROOSS is a retired Danish Navy captain who commanded torpedo boats and guided-missile corvettes in a career that lasted more than forty years. He is a teacher of naval warfare at the Royal Danish Naval Academy, Chairman of the Naval History Society of the Royal Danish Naval Museum, and a tour guide on military history expeditions to the Eastern Front.

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The Naval War in the Baltic, 1939-1945
From the shelling of the fort at Westerplatte, on the Polish coast, on 1 September 1939, to the...Read More

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