Kings of the Sea

Charles II, James II and the Royal Navy
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Published:September 15, 2017
interest in the navy and the sea. Nonetheless, the major naval developments during their reigns-developments that effectively turned the Royal Navy into a permanent, professional fighting force-have traditionally been attributed to Samuel Pepys.
Kings of the Sea presents a provocative new theory: that the creation of the
proper "Royal Navy" was, in fact, due principally to the Stuart brothers. J. David Davies demonstrates that Charles's Stuart predecessors were more directly involved in naval matters than has usually been allowed and proves that Charles's and James's command of ship design and other technical matters went well beyond the bounds of dilettante enthusiasm.
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  • Kings of the Sea is an essential read for anyone interested in the birth of England’s naval supremacy.” —StrategyPage

DR. J. D. DAVIES is a leading maritime historian and author. He is the author of Pepys's Navy: Ships, Men and Warfare 1649-89, winner of the Samuel Pepys

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Kings of the Sea
interest in the navy and the sea. Nonetheless, the major naval developments during their reigns-...Read More

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