Jutland: The Unfinished Battle

A Personal History of a Naval Controversy
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Published:May 15, 2016
By Nicholas Jellicoe (Author)


One hundred years after Jutland, the first and largest engagement of dreadnoughts in the twentieth century, historians are still fighting this controversial and misunderstood battle. What was in fact a strategic victory stands out starkly against the background of bitter public disappointment in the Royal Navy and decades of divisive acrimony and very public infighting between the camps supporting the two most senior commanders, Jellicoe and Beatty. Based on the latest research, The Unfinished Battle retells the story of the battle from both a British and German perspective, clarifying the context of Germany’s inevitable naval clash. It also traces the dispute known as the “Jutland Controversy” that ensued until Admiral Jellicoe’s death in 1935. Author Nick Jellicoe is uniquely placed to tell the story of Jutland. His naval connections are strong: his father, the second Earl Jellicoe served as First Lord of the Admiralty while his grandfather, Sir John Jellicoe commanded the Grand Fleet for the first two years of the war, from 1914 to 1916. Sir John was famously described by Churchill as being “the only man who could have lost the war in an afternoon.”

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  • “Thankfully, we now have a superb analysis, Jutland: The Unfinished Battle (2016), from Nicholas Jellicoe—the admiral’s grandson. This source at first sight might seem to be prejudiced, but that is not the case. Obviously aware of the possible suspicion of bias because of his last name, Nicholas Jellicoe has gone out of his way to offer both the general reader and the naval expert a balanced, measured, and yet nuanced account of the greatest sea battle of World War I. He weighs and measures. He offers conflicting accounts and interpretations. He evaluates sources. He compares British and German eyewitness and official accounts and statistics. He judiciously examines the accounts by John Harper, Reginald Bacon, and the Admiralty discussed above. And then he offers his own best opinion. Along the way, he provides the layman with text boxes and sidebars to explain the complex naval systems in place at Jutland, and he further includes countless diagrams to explain ship locations and movements.”—Naval War College Review
  • "The author, the grandson of Admiral John Jellicoe, commander of the British Grand Fleet at Jutland, gives a compelling, dramatic account of the Royal Navy’s last great sea battle. His descriptions and analysis of the men, ships, tactics, decisions, successes and failures on both sides are scrupulously accurate and fair. And when he turns to Jellicoe’s shabby treatment after the battle by politicians, press lords, and carping, quibbling, jealous lesser admirals, he is equally professional and accurate. The measure of Jellicoe’s achievement is that the great German admirals, Scheer and Hippper, never brought the German High Seas Fleet, the Kaiser’s pride and joy, out again to contest the mastery of the North Sea.”—ROBERT K MASSIE, Pulitzer prize-winning author of Castles of Steel and Dreadnought.
  • “A dramatic, often gripping, and surprisingly objective, look at the battle, any student of naval warfare will find this a rewarding read.” The NYMAS Review

NICHOLAS JELLICOE has lived his whole life under the shadow of Jutland. The ongoing controversy surrounding his grandfather’s actions on that day inspired him to undertake a major investigation of the battle and an analysis of the arguments that followed. This book is the result.

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