The Battleship Holiday

The Naval Treaties and Capital Ship Design
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Published:December 1, 2017
By Robert C. Stern (Author)
Even as World War I was ending, the victorious great powers were already embarked on a potentially ruinous new naval arms race, competing to incorporate the wartime lessons and technology into ever-larger and costlier capital ships. This competition was curtailed by the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922, which effectively banned the construction of such ships for years to come, and mandated the scrapping of those under construction. This "holiday" was to have profound effects on design when battleship building was renewed in the 1930s, as later international agreements continued to restrict size and firepower.
This book investigates the implications of these treaties on technical developments. An analysis of how well these modern ships stood the test of
war concludes this intriguing and original contribution to the literature.
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  • Subject: Ship Design & Reference
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  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (December 1, 2017)
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  • “Stern provides a fresh and highly technical assessment of the pinnacle of naval warship design.” —Naval War College Review
  • “Very well illustrated, The Battleship Holiday is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the final age of the big gun warship.” —StrategyPage

Robert C. Stern has published more than twenty books on military and naval subjects. His previous books were Destroyer Battles published in 2008, Fire from
the Sky in 2010 and The US Navy and the War in Europe (2012).

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