Victory Without Peace

The United States Navy in European Waters, 1919-1924
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Published:November 15, 2018
By William N. Still Jr. (Author)
Victory Without Peace concentrates on the U.S. Navy in European and Near Eastern waters during the post-World War I era. As participants in the Versailles peace negotiations, the Navy was charged with executing the naval terms of the Armistice as well as preserving stability and peace. U.S. warships were deploying into the Near East, Baltic, Adriatic, and Northern Europe, while simultaneously withdrawing its demobilized forces from European waters. This signifies the first time the U.S. Navy contributed to peacetime efforts, setting a precedent continues today.

Conversely, Congressional appropriations handicapped this deployment by demobilization, general naval policy and postwar personnel, and operating funds reductions. Though reluctant to allocate postwar assets into seemingly unimportant European and Near Eastern waters, the Navy was pressured by the State Department and the American Relief Administration’s leader, Herbert Hoover, to deploy necessary forces. Most of these were withdrawn by 1924 and the European Station assumed the traditional policy of showing the flag.



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  • "After Armistice Day in 1918, though most of the U.S. Navy’s warships went home, others remained in European waters and engaged in a variety of missions in the Baltic, the Adriatic, the Black Sea, and elsewhere. William N. Still rescues this too often overlooked story in the final volume of his important trilogy on the U.S. Navy in the era of the Great War. In doing so, he also illuminates the broader issues of demobilization, humanitarian aid, and American foreign policy." —Craig L. Symonds, The Ernest J. King Professor of Naval History, U.S. Naval War College and author of World War II at Sea: A Global History
  • Victory without Peace concludes Bill Still's majestic trilogy analysing the ebb and flow of American naval activity in European waters from 1867 to inter-war isolationism, as the nation grappled with the realities of becoming a great power, using naval presence to support diplomacy, economic growth and humanitarian missions. While the First World war ended in 1918 the naval effort endured, across a broken continent of collapsed regimes and displaced people, reminding us that armed conflict is only one element of the wider naval mission.” —Andrew Lambert, author 21st Century Corbett, Laughton Professor Naval History, Kings College, London
  • “I highly recommend this outstanding account of the U.S. Navy’s diplomatic and peacekeeping operations in northern European waters and the Near East during the immediate post World War I era. William Still skillfully relates how the U.S. Navy’s European commanders protected American citizens and property and assisted refugees in the Baltic, Adriatic, Black, and Aegean Seas, and particularly at Smyrna, during the 1920s.” —William S. Dudley, Ph.D., Director of Naval History, 1995-2004

William N. Still Jr. is an American maritime historian who was the first director of the program in maritime history at East Carolina University and a noted author of works on U.S. Civil War history and U.S. naval history.

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