U-Boats in the Mediterranean

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Published:April 26, 2007
By Lawrence Paterson (Author)

Between September 1941 and May 1944 the Germans sent 62 U-boats into the Mediterranean. To get there, the boats had to pass through the Straits of Gibraltar—the British-held entry point, where nearly a third of them were sunk or forced to turn back. Of the U-boats that made it into the clear, calm waters of the Mediterranean, not one of them ever made it back into the Atlantic: They were all either sunk in battle or scuttled by their own crews.

U-boats in the Mediterranean looks at the perilous history of German submarine operations in the Mediterranean, where, despite their ultimate fate, their strategic impact was dramatic.

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Lawrence Paterson has spent many years researching aspects of German naval operations and has written more than ten books on various aspects of the U-boat war, most recently Dönitz’s Last Gamble and Black Flag.

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