Japan's Gestapo

Murder, Mayhem and Torture in Wartime Asia
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Published:October 1, 2009
By Mark Felton (Author)

Japan's military and secret police, the Kempetai, carried out a reign of terror against captive Asian nations, Allied POWs, and Japanese citizens throughout World War II. This history explains the origins, command structure, and role of the Kempetai apparatus, revealing their criminal and collaborationist networks. It examines biological and chemical experiments on live subjects, the gulags for POWs, and slave labor, including the so-called "comfort women," as well as their campaign of revenge after the 1942 Doolittle raid on Tokyo. Calling their actions genocide on a grand scale, the author backs up his text with firsthand testimonies from survivors.

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  • Subject: World War II
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Mark Felton teaches at Fudan University, Shanghai. He has written an impressive number of successful works on World War II such as Japan’s Gestapo and The Last Nazis.

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