After Jutland

The Naval War in Northern European Waters, June 1916-November 1918
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Published:October 1, 2018
By James Goldrick (Author)

After Jutland analyzes the naval war in Northern European waters following the Battle of Jutland. A popular misconception is that Jutland marked the end of the operational career of the German High Sea Fleet and the beginning of a period of stagnation for both it and its opponents, Great Britain’s Grand Fleet and Russia’s Baltic Fleet. The reality is much more complex. The German battle fleet was quiescent for much of the time in the North Sea, but it supported an ambitious amphibious campaign in the Baltic, while a bitter war was waged by submarines and light craft in the waters of the Heligoland Bight, the English Channel and off the Belgian Coast. After Jutland focuses primarily on the Royal Navy as the dominant maritime force, but it also analyzes the struggles of the beleaguered German and Russian navies as each descended into revolution, as well as the challenges faced by the United States Navy after America entered the war.


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  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (October 1, 2018)
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  • “The book is largely one for specialists and those who study naval warfare in World War I…. [It has] significant lessons to be learned with regard to the evolution of fleets and of naval warfare. Most notably, it needs to be realized how important operations are in driving innovation, and with it the shaping of concepts of operations.” —
  • After Jutland approaches the First World War at sea from a refreshingly different angle and deserves attention from serious maritime history enthusiasts.” —The Australian Naval Institute
  • “James Goldrick combines extensive seagoing (and shore) command experience with deep historical research and a very accessible writing style to provide many new insights into the very active naval side of the latter part of World War I in the North Sea and the Baltic.” —Norman Friedman, Defense Analyst, author of Fighting the Great War at Sea and Naval Weapons of World War I
  • After Jutland is a well-researched and comprehensive history of the war at sea during the second half of World War I. After several years of commemorative military history publications dealing with the First World War it is fair to say that very few new releases have generated original thinking about that cataclysmic conflict. James Goldrick’s recent work After Jutland breaks the well-worn mould…. [This book] is a much needed addition to the commonly available naval histories of WWI but it is more it is a beacon for those who wish to think about the past in order to better understand the future. Highly recommended.” —The Australian Naval Institute

JAMES GOLDRICK is a retired two-star rear admiral in the Royal Australian Navy who held several seagoing commands and later led the Australian Defence Force Academy, Australia’s Border Protection Command, and the Australian Defence College. He lives in Canberra, Australia.

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