War at Sea

A Naval Atlas, 1939–1945
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Published:May 15, 2012
By Marcus Faulkner (Author), Andrew Lambert (Editor)

Never before in the vast literature of World War II has there been a naval atlas such as this to show graphically the complexities of the war at sea that spread across every ocean during that global conflict. This beautifully produced book by the British naval historian, Marcus Faulkner, provides a unique cartographic presentation of the sea war. It offers more than 150 full-color maps and charts to help readers visualize exactly what happened over the course of the war. All of the great campaigns and major battles are included, but so too, are the smaller operations, amphibious landings, convoys, sieges, skirmishes, and sinkings. No other work has attempted such an ambitious view of the war at sea.

Certain to become a definitive reference work of World War II, the book is suitable not only for historians and serious naval enthusiasts, but also for general readers seeking a sweeping visual explanation of what happened in a naval war that extended from the coldest arctic seas to the tropical beaches of the Pacific.

Entire sections of the book are devoted to the Pacific war, the Battle of the Atlantic, and the campaigns in the Mediterranean, and in-depth coverage is also given to smaller, crucial events, such as the Dieppe landings. Maps depict battle dynamics and provide extensive information on the opposing forces, their ships and equipment, and the strategic significance of events. General thematic maps on such topics as ship losses, aerial strengths, and convoy routes, give readers a full understanding of the many contributing factors that shaped the tactics and strategies of the Allied and Axis forces. The well-known naval authority and author Andrew Lambert offers an informative introduction that sets the stage for the breathtaking illustrations that follow.

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  • Hardback : 288 pages
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  • “In an age when people flock to the internet for information and visual stimulation, it is reassuring to know that books – the printed page sandwiched between cloth covers – still have the power to delight and inform. This is certainly the case with Marcus Faulkner’s The War at Sea: A Naval Atlas, 1939-1945. It is not only an information tour de force but its bright and crisp colour maps make it very pleasing to the eye (and the brain). You won’t need your battery charged to view it…Faulkner has produced a reflective piece of serious scholarship that is both extremely useful and a visual delight. It will be a welcome addition to the libraries of amateurs and scholars alike.” — International Journal of Maritime History
  • War at Sea is a valuable and highly recommended reference source...a must acquisition for research libraries.” — Naval History Book Reviews
  • “Altogether this makes for fascinating reading. Not all at once—that’s not the purpose. But as a reference book, to be opened and looked at, event by event, or as a reference tool—for those text volumes that have provided inadequate illustrative maps. The maps are easy to inter­pret, even for highly complicated actions such as Operation Vigorous of RAdm Vian’s force against the Italian battleships in June 1942, or more general long term operations, such as a chart for “German E-Boat Attacks 1940-1945” (in the Channel, p.141), the latter including a box of “Approximate Strength of S-Boat Force” by half-yearly periods. Apart from the operational maps themselves, these small added details make the volume a most valuable addition to any bookshelf—or coffee table.” — Starshell

Marcus Faulkner is currently a visiting lecturer in the Department of War Studies, King’s College London. His research interests are divided between 20th-century naval and intelligence history, with emphasis on the German navy of the inter-war years. He is the author of The Great War at Sea, published in 2012 to great acclaim.

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An Exceptional Compilation!
Monday, August 13, 2012
By: Jeff Gibbs
This is an exceptional compilation of maps and information that clearly portrays naval operations and the events that influenced naval operations in World War II. The maps are colorful, clear and precise. They contain a large amount of useful information without cluttering up key areas of the maps. That information answers almost all of the questions that normally arise in viewing an operation and its consequences. I have not seen as useful a set of maps as this that covers the entire war. It is, to my knowledge, a unique and solid contribution and should find a place on the shelves of all who are interested in the naval events of that war.


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