Seduced by Secrets

Inside the Stasi's Spy-Tech World
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Published:October 15, 2014
By Kristie Macrakis (Author)

Seduced by Secrets is an expose of the secret world of one of the most feared spy agencies in history. Revealed, for the first time, are the technical methods and sources of the Stasi (East German Ministry for State Security) as it stole secrets from abroad and spied on its own people. The book draws on classified files from the Stasi archives, including CIA-acquired material, interviews, and court documents to demonstrate that the Stasi overestimated the power of secrets and created an insular spy culture more intent on securing its power than protecting national security. It recreates the Stasi’s hidden world of spy technology through biographies of agents, defectors, and officers, and by visualizing James Bond-like techniques and gadgets. In this highly original book, Macrakis adds a new dimension to our understanding of the East German Ministry for State Security in espionage history.

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  • Subject: Espionage/Intelligence
  • Paperback : 392 pages
  • Illustrations: 40 b/w photos, 2 charts, 1 drawing
  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (October 15, 2014)
  • ISBN-10: 1591141834
  • ISBN-13: 9781591141839
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  • “For an extensive knowledge of the Stasi you must read Seduced by Secrets. Macrakis delves deeply in the history, methodology and spymastercraft of ‘one of the most effective and feared spy agencies and secret police in the world.’ It’s an intriguing book that reads like a spy novel—only it’s Cold War truth.”—

Kristie Macrakis is the author or editor of five books including Surviving the Swastika and Prisoners, Lovers, and Spies. She holds a PhD in history of science from Harvard University and is a professor in the School of History, Technology, and Society at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

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Seduced by Secrets
Seduced by Secrets is an expose of the secret world of one of the most feared spy agencies in...Read More

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