Pushing the Limits

The Remarkable Life and Times of Vice Adm. Allan Rockwell McCann, USN
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Published:December 15, 2013
By Carl LaVO (Author)

Vice Admiral Allan Rockwell McCann left no reminiscences that might reveal a deeper sense of his extraordinary service, but naval historian Carl LaVO has filled that void by writing this revealing—and often inspiring—biography. Among McCann’s many accomplishments: Served as liaison officer for the modification of the antiquated O-12 submarine into the privately-leased Nautilus that made the first attempt to sail beneath the Arctic ice shelf in 1931; pioneered the McCann Submarine Rescue Chamber; directed fire from the sub tender Pelias at Japanese aircraft attacking Pearl Harbor; commanded the battleship Iowa during the Battle of Leyte Gulf; was Chief of Staff of the Navy’s 10th Fleet that stymied a last ditch effort to attack North America via U-boats; headed the Navy task force that transported President Truman to the Potsdam conference; and as ComSubPac was aboard the first submarine to navigate under the polar ice in 1947. This book is an overdue appreciation of a significant admiral who has been all but ignored in naval history.

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  • Pushing the Limits is a quick and enjoyable read, and includes an excellent collection of photographs, mostly from the USN’s own historical archives. LaVO states in the preface that he believes McCann deserves recognition for much more than just the rescue chamber for which he is famous. With this publication, he has succeeded in bestowing upon McCann some of the recognition he is due.”—International Journal of Maritime History

Carl LaVO is the author of Slade Cutter and Back from the Deep. He has written many articles for Proceedings and Naval History, and a variety of general-interest periodicals. He has also appeared on the History Channel and lives in Bucks County, PA.

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