The Power and the Glory

A Novel
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Published:October 15, 2011
By William C. Hammond (Author)

The Power and the Glory is the third novel in the historical, nautical fiction series from William C. Hammond. It follows in the wake of A Matter of Honor and For Love of Country, and features the adventures of the seafaring Cutler family of Hingham, Massachusetts and an ever expanding cast of characters. Set during the Quasi-War against the French Republic during the late 1790’s, The Power and the Glory offers the reader a stirring and authentic look at the birth of the modern United States Navy during the Age of Fighting Sail. Whether confronting French pirates off the coast of Nantucket or heavily armed French frigates in the Caribbean, Capt. Thomas Truxtun, Capt. Silas Talbot, Lt. Richard Cutler and other early naval heroes --most real, some fictional -- personify the best of American honor and courage. Beyond electrifying sea battles and the challenge to French colonial rule in Haiti and in the French West Indies, The Power and the Glory provides intriguing glimpses into everyday life of the era, be they in the bedroom of the Cutler clapboard home in Hingham, on the island of Barbados where the Cutlers' own a sugar cane plantation and run a far-reaching commercial enterprise, or aboard Adm. Sir Hyde Parker’s flagship in Port Royal, Jamaica. And at the center of all the excitement, passion and intrigue are two of the finest “super frigates” ever constructed: USS Constellation and her sister ship, USS Constitution. As with all books in the series, the author’s careful research and attention to detail, coupled with his thorough knowledge of sailing and the ways of the sea, bring history alive in a refreshing and entertaining fashio


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  • Subject: Fiction
  • Hardback : 256 pages
  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (October 15, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1612510523
  • ISBN-13: 9781612510521
  • Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 in
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  • Bill Hammond is the 2011 Gold Medal recipient for “Historical Fiction Protagonist” as awarded by the Military Writers Society of America for his novel For Love of Country.

William C. Hammond is a novelist and freelance editor. A lifelong student of history and sailing enthusiast, his first novel in the Cutler chronicles,A Matter of Honor, was published in 2007, followed by For Love of Country, in 2010, The Power and the Glory in 2011, and A Call to Arms in 2012. He lives in Wayzata, MN.

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Customer Reviews

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5.00 Stars
A Riveting Tale of Our History!
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
By: Eric Meyers

Again Bill Hammond gives us a fantastic lesson in our own naval history while keeping me glued to the pages. His ability to take me back 200 years while sitting on a modern destroyer is beyond my comprehension. If you want to experience a piece of American history through the words of a master then this series is for you. The Power and the Glory is just next installment in an already established masterpiece. Bravo Zulo Mr. Hammond, you have done it again!

All I can say is WOW!
Wednesday, October 26, 2011
By: William H. White

I have just finished reading this novel and all I can say is WOW! Mr. Hammond has hit his stride. His characters are three-dimensional, credible, and human -- unlike so many of the folks who people other books written by less-skilled authors. The ship parts are accurately drawn and understandable - even, I would think, to a layman. And as a reader I could can smell the fragrant aromas wafting off of St. Kitts, Barbados, and Jamaica. Mr Hammond has written a compelling and intriguing story about the Quasi War with France, a conflict in American history that is not well understood by most people. I congratulate him and I eagerly await his next saga of the Cutler seafaring family.

An Auspicious Novel of the Beginning of the American Naval
Monday, November 21, 2011
By: Glenn Krochmal

This book is far reaching in its underlying story. The people (Cutler Family are central) are interesting, but the politics of the US government, as well as French and English governments is rich and full of duplicity found in all politics. Nothing is ever quite what it seems to be. Hammond's handling of Toussaint L'Ouverture was magnificent in its depth and also in the examination of commercial interest during war. D'ouverture was one of histories most unique characters. The advantage and construction of the original class of American frigates was well explained and gave one an understanding of the diminishing utilization of a line of battle subsequent to the American large frigate debut. The two major battles were graphic in depiction and true to history. The series is clearly aimed at adults and is not just a good sea story. It describes the beginnings of what was to become, the mightiest naval power the world has ever seen and is absolutely riveting . Bravo, well written and truly fertile ground for the story to continue to develop.

Engages your mind and quickens your pulse ~
Monday, November 28, 2011
By: Rob Morgan

Hammond explores a rich lode of naval history and drama in this series and like the first two his third book engages your mind and quickens your pulse. Maybe I knew the U.S. was at quasi-war with revolutionary France in the late 1790's, but I will never forget that now. I sure couldn't have lowered a gig, tethered myself on deck in a fierce storm, navigated the Caribbean, or run out a 14-pounder, but with this book in hand maybe now I would try. The human drama is well-paced relief from the naval action and enchanting in itself. Hammond's prose is finely crafted -- spirited or gentle, according to the scene.  Bravo.

super read from the keel to the truck
Sunday, December 11, 2011
By: Paul Reuter, LCDR, (LDO?SNIPE,USN, ret

William Hammond has knocked another one out of the ballpark. His Cutler series has every thing a reader would want American history, nautical theme and flotsam and jetsam for the sailor in all of us. The one sad thing is coming to the end of book three and knowing I will have to wait 10 months for the series to continue. William, from one sailor to another - thanks and bravo zulu.



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