Nights in the Pink Motel

An American Strategist's Pursuit of Peace in Iraq
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Published:October 1, 2008
By Robert Earle (Author)

Robert Earle presents a firsthand account of the strategic process that sought to reverse the negative consequences of the U.S.-led occupation of IraqNights in the Pink Motel is the first historical account of the strategic process that sought to reverse the negative consequences of the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq. It offers details and insights into the Iraqi insurgency and Coalition counterinsurgency available nowhere else. This book is a sustained, comprehensive account of all the conflicting factors that have made Iraq such an intractable international crisis and offers an intriguing narrative of how the American-led Coalition returned sovereignty to Iraq in June 2004, while defending Iraq’s fledgling interim government against a rising insurgency and terrorism and helping ensure the success of Iraq’s first national election in January 2005.

The author, Robert Earle—recruited by the first U.S. ambassador to Iraq, John Negroponte, to serve as Negroponte’s strategist—documents the Coalition’s uncertainty about the nature of the insurgent/terrorist enemies, whose aim is to defeat democratization in Iraq. Earle’s story explores the impediments frustrating the massive, $18 billion U.S. reconstruction effort and recounts the formulation of a comprehensive counterinsurgency strategy issued by Negroponte and Multinational Force-Iraq Commanding General George Casey.The title of the book is derived from the name given to the author's dingy offices a former palace of Saddam Hussein in the Green Zone of Badgad where he wrestled with developing a startegy for peace. Upon drafting the strategy, Earle learns he must be evacuated from Iraq because of massive deep vein thrombosis in his left thigh.

This narrative twist takes him from the company of senior diplomats, generals, and Iraqi politicians and places him in the medical pipeline of wounded soldiers.Upon arriving home, Earle thinks his nightmare assignment in Iraq is over, but Negroponte requests that he return to Baghdad to write a long message to the President, explaining that U.S. policy is failing and offering an alternative approach. Casey, meanwhile, also wants Earle to assess the evolution of Iraqi politics and possible outcomes of the risky January 2005 election.Returning to Iraq over the strenuous objections of State Department doctors, Earle occupies the dingy environs he calls the “Pink Motel” and completes his assignments, digging deeper into the realities of the international effort to end the violence and build the peace.

Nights in the Pink Motel is a graphic, first-person account of the political, military, and human efforts to dispel the fog of 21st century warfare.The book is an essential contribution to understanding how all elements of national power must be combined to defeat insurgency and terror.

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Robert Earle has held senior positions in the U.S. foreign affairs and intelligence communities for twenty-five years, including serving as Ambassador Negroponte's senior adviser in Iraq and later as Counselor to the Director of National Intelligence. The recipient of the Christian A. Herter Award for outstanding contributions to American diplomacy, he is also the author of a novel, The Way Home, as well as short stories and essays. He resides in Arlington, VA.

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Part diary, part strategy development
Thursday, April 16, 2009
By: Joel Rudy, Maj, USAF
Robert Earle shares his personal experiences in Iraq in his latest book "Nights in the Pink Motel." He served as the `thinker' for Ambassador John Negroponte during the transition from the Coalition Provisional Authority to the first post-Saddam Iraqi Government in 2005. In his role as the `thinker', Earle worked with the interagency elements of America - the Department of State, Department of Defense, and other agencies present in Iraq. His perspective in the book is almost diary-like in the fascinating introspectives he provides in recalling his days in Iraq. Overall, the book is a very interesting perspective from Negroponte's `thinker', giving a rare peek inside the executive decision making that helped shape America's strategy in assisting Iraq to stand up their first democratically elected government.


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