Moon Men Return

USS Hornet and the Recovery of the Apollo 11 Astronauts
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Published:May 15, 2010
By Scott W. Carmichael (Author)

The splashdown and recovery of Apollo 11 on 24 July 1969 was a historic event, which fulfilled President John F. Kennedy's national goal of placing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth by the end of the 1960s. This book tells the dramatic story of the USS Hornet's recovery of the astronauts after the splashdown of their command module. This book documents the role played by USS Hornet (CVS-12) in the recovery of the Apollo 11 Command Module after its splashdown in the Pacific Ocean on 24 July 1969. The book covers a period of time leading up to the recovery of Apollo 11, from approximately 5 June – 24 July 1969, during which crewmen of USS Hornet plus specialized NASA and DoD spaceflight recovery units prepared for the recovery operation. It offers a detailed account of those preparations, drawn from both historical records and the personal memories of 80 men who served on board USS Hornet and directly participated in the recovery operation. The purpose of this book is to document for future generations the Navy’s role in the successful final phase of the historic flight of Apollo 11 – the manned spaceflight which culminated in man’s first walk upon another celestial body, the moon.

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Scott W. Carmichael, senior security and counterintelligence investigator for the Defense Intelligence Agency was the lead agent on the Ana Montes espionage investigation. His contributions to national security have earned him the DIA Civilian Expeditionary Medal and Award for Meritorious Civilian Service, the Defense Intelligence Director's Award, the Department of Defense Counterintelligence Award, and the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement. He lives n the Washington, D.C area.

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Apollo XI at the ground level...
Friday, June 11, 2010
By: Peter Beaulieu
This authentic story has waited 40 years to be told. And to be told right. The high altitude story of Apollo XI is well enough known, but what is the story at the splashdown site? How does one intercept and recover a space capsule thousands of miles at sea? Carmichael digs out and skillfully weaves together into one moving narrative over 80 stories from all of those interviewed. He does this with respect, candor, humor, curiosity and engaging attention to rare detail. As one of the dozens interviewed and who took part in the Apollo XI Lunar Module Recovery, I am delighted to confirm that in this book Carmichael got it right. In reading this account, I was surprised to find myself remembering afresh and accurately reliving the day-to-day details and even "the feel" for how it really was onboard the Hornet in late July 1969. Had the interviews not been made now, and had this book not been written in living memory, the story would be lost in the waves. The author discovers that the human touch is at the heart of even this high-tech Apollo effort -- linking together Houston, the astronauts, the SEAL team, the helo and shipboard crews, and all overlaid with the complexities of a Presidential visit for the historic moment of splashdown. He presents the faces, dedication and even foibles of real people. Any reader from seasoned Navy man or woman, to person on the street, will thoroughly enjoy being part of the Apollo XI team in an experience that is no longer confined to those who had a direct hand in this "ground" level adventure in the south Pacific.


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