For Love of Country

A Novel
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Published:October 15, 2010
By William C. Hammond (Author)


Credited with vividly recreating an early chapter in American history with his first novel, A Matter of Honor, William C. Hammond continues the seafaring adventures of the prominent Massachusetts family in this second novel. Set in the years following the American Revolution, it offers an exciting look at the young republic at a time when America remained a weak nation with no Navy to protect its prosperous merchant fleet from Barbary pirates or nations intent on crippling its shipping.

The novel opens with the capture of the Cutler merchant brig Eagle by Barbary pirates. Young Caleb Cutler and his shipmates are taken as prisoners to Algiers, and his brother Richard, the novel’s main protagonist, is sent to North Africa to pay ransoms demanded by the Dey of Algiers. But Richard learns of the Dey’s intent to reject the ransom, as well as threats from the British and French, and fights a fierce battle in the Mediterranean with two Arab xebecs. Victorious at sea, Richard travels to Paris to report to John Paul Jones, his former naval commander who now serves as American emissary to the Barbary States. The author’s careful historical research and thorough knowledge of sailing and the ways of the sea bring an authenticity to the novel without detracting from the entertaining storyline. The book includes a romantic interest involving a desperate race to save the beautiful Anne Marie Helvétian and her two daughters from the guillotine. Hammond’s focus on the American perspective of the Age of Fighting Sail in the years following the American Revolution adds a fresh dimension to historical novels of the period.

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  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (October 15, 2010)
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William C. Hammond is a novelist and freelance editor. A lifelong student of history and sailing enthusiast, his first novel in the Cutler chronicles,A Matter of Honor, was published in 2007, followed by For Love of Country, in 2010, The Power and the Glory in 2011, and A Call to Arms in 2012. He lives in Wayzata, MN.

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Customer Reviews

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4.50 Stars
Absolutely Brilliant
Thursday, September 9, 2010
By: Eric Meyers

I thought it would be impossible to top his first book, but I was wrong. Mr. Hammond has eclipsed my expectations ten fold and has me eagerly awaiting the next installment in what has become the favorite series of books I have ever read. Characters you feel like you know, places that you feel like you are at, and though I have spent many years at sea he takes me to sea on sailing vessels and makes me yearn for a more glorious time when ships were powered by wind not gas turbines. If you are a nautical fiction lover like me do yourself a favor and read A Matter of Honor quickly followed by For Love of Country, you will not regret it. You cannot even fathom what you are missing if you do not read this book. I have read almost every piece of age of fighting sail fiction out there and this very quickly became one of my favorites as I consumed it in a matter of days. Thank you Mr. Hammond, looking forward to book 3 and many more to follow!!!

History brought to life
Friday, November 5, 2010
By: S Glenn Krochmal

Reading this book was not a normal experience. The characters not only seem life like, but I felt a part of the book. Hammond's description of events, locals and the richness of the dialogs made me feel as if I were a party to events. His style is unique and engaging. The book creates a mental time line in American and European history that is simple to understand, but grasping that the French Revolution was occurring at the time oour revolution was ending was enlightening. My wife and I just returned from Boston and visiting the USS Constitution. We were suprised she was not commissioned until 1797.

History repeats itself
Sunday, November 7, 2010
By: Marya Zanders

FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY, a novel, by William C. Hammond, Naval Institute Press, will appeal most to readers interested in naval history. This is the second novel in the Cutler family series. It’s probably best to read this series in order. Because I hadn’t read the first book, A MATTER OF HONOR, I found the early parts of FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY a bit confusing. For example the main character, Richard Cutler, is married to Elizabeth Cutler, the same name as his mother, plus has a cousin named Lizzy Cutler. Too many Elizabeths? There’s also a deceased older brother named Will, a son named Will, and an uncle in England named William. Perhaps this is historically accurate to the time, the 1780s, but there are other names common to the 18th century, such as Caroline or Margaret or Jane for females and Joseph or Peter or Paul for males, just to name a few. Another option would be to provide a cast of characters to which the reader can refer. I was pleased a glossary of sailing terms was included at the end of FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY but a few line drawings showing the different ships mentioned in the text would be a helpful feature. I also was glad of an atlas of history and an adequate supply of maps in my home library to keep pace with Richard Cutler’s journeys. FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY certainly endorses the maxim that history repeats itself. Much of the novels’ 18th century content is reflected in the events of the 21st century. America’s conflict with the Islamic world, an inactive Congress, commercial wars, trade restrictions, the differences between the Federalists of the North and the southerners who favor States’ rights over shared sovereignty, and pirates are prominent features of both time periods. And there are surprises. In the first few pages the reader learns that Sweden had colonies in the Caribbean, Saint-Barthélemy for nearly a century. That the Swedes traded land holdings with the French isn’t surprising. The current Swedish monarch is a Bernadotte, a descendant of one of Napoleon’s field marshals. The surprise lies in the tropical Caribbean location of that land. Another revelation was the true name of the Bay of Gibraltar, Algeciras, a familiar name in the current day. Once past the early chapters, the story of Richard Cutler’s journey to Gibraltar, the Barbary states, and through France in the revolutionary days of 1789 should engage even the casual reader who hasn’t read the first installment of the Cutler saga and has limited interest in naval history.

When We Were Young
Monday, November 22, 2010
By: steffercat

Review by Sam Sattler, Host Book Chase Blog "For Love of Country" is the second entry in William Hammond's Cutler series set during, and following, the American Revolutionary War period. It follows "A Matter of Honor" (2007), in which Richard Cutler and his family joined with the likes of Captain John Paul Jones to help win America's independence. Now, in the mid-1780s, the Cutlers, a prominent shipping family operating off the coast of Massachusetts, are doing well despite the lack of an American navy to protect their vessels from those of hostile governments and Barbary Coast pirates. As the story begins, one of the family's ships has been seized, and its crew and contents are being held for ransom (or as the pirates prefer to call it, "payment of tribute") in Algiers. Making the troublesome situation even more disturbing is that twenty-one-year-old Caleb Cutler is a member of the imprisoned crew. One of Richard Cutler's brothers was brutally flogged to death by the British during the war, and he is determined that he will not lose another to a bunch of North African pirates. Now, having been granted official diplomatic status by the fledgling U.S. government, raised the funds to pay the ransom, and outfitted a small warship, Richard Cutler hopes to negotiate the return of the ship and its crew. The governor of Algiers, unfortunately, has other plans. "For Love of Country" references the backstory of the first book in enough detail that readers will feel comfortable in their knowledge of what motivates the Cutler family and those around them. This is a closely knit family, one still recovering from the loss of one son when another is suddenly snatched from them. Recovering Caleb Cutler and his crewmates is the most important thing in their world and, over the next two years, it is all the family thinks about. But Hammond's depiction of family life of the period, however heartwarming it may be, is just part of the story. The author is a sailing devotee of some experience, and his narrative particularly shines when describing life and battles fought on the open sea. Hammond's description of the book's deciding battle between the pirates and Cutler's crew is especially well written - exciting, but so precisely written that even non-sailors will have a clear understanding of the tactics used by both sides during the chase and resulting firefight. Readers for whom "For Love of Country" is their first exposure to the Cutler family now will likely want to go back and read book one, "A Matter of Honor." And those who have read both books will be looking forward to the third.



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