Invading America

The English Assault on the New World 1497-1630
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Published:August 15, 2012
By David Childs (Author)

Within a generation of Columbus's first landfall in the Caribbean, Spain ruled an empire in Central and South America many times its size, while, in stark contrast, the English had only succeeded in settling the banks of one waterway and several bays. Invading America examines English development by reviewing the voyages, the conflict with the native peoples, the lack of leadership and the unrealistic ambitions. Using documentary evidence and vivid first-hand accounts, it offers a new perspective on the often tragic, sometimes heroic, English attempts at settlement.

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  • Subject: General History
  • Hardback : 320 pages
  • Illustrations: 80 b/w illustrations
  • Publisher: Naval Institute Press (August 15, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 1848321457
  • ISBN-13: 9781848321458
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  • “Childs’ systematic study of early English efforts in North America is a strong contribution to the literature, where far too many works skip ahead to Jamestown and undervalue the crucial groundwork that came before. Invading America is aimed primarily at a popular audience, as evinced by an appendix listing tourist sites to visit, and does an excellent job in this regard, providing readers a fine overview of colonial ventures. A wealth of illustrations helps the reader envision the technical details of ships and fortifications, a useful tool for nonspecialists.” — Naval Historical Foundation

David Childs is a retired Royal Navy officer, who worked as the Development Director of the Mary Rose Trust, where he became interested in Tudor maritime history. He has since published three major works in the field, The Warship Mary Rose, Tudor Sea Power and Invading America.

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