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The Guide to Military and Veterans Benefits
  • ISBN/SKU: 9781591143925
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Era:
  • Number of Pages: 400
  • Subject: Military Benefits
  • Date Available: March 2011
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Full Description:

Featuring the 2011 changes to Family Education, Survivor, and Wounded Warrior benefits, this is the latest edition of The Military Advantage.  Acknowledged as the essential reference to military and veterans' benefits, this annual has earned a reputation as a reliable, up-to-date guide for millions of American military families. Written by Terry Howell, the managing editor for, and backed by the resources of that twelve-million-member organization and its parent company,, the guide unlocks the availability of benefits that too often are overlooked or go unused.  These valuable benefits include scholarships, educational resources, health care, family support programs, home loan guarantees, wounded warrior resources, transition assistance and much more.

Full of insider tips, shortcuts, and answers to frequently asked questions, this easy-to-use guide collects multiple resources into a single timely reference with an authoritative analysis of the benefits. Updated annually, it enables readers to make the most of the military experience, whether on active duty, a veteran, a retiree, or member of a military family. The Military Advantage, 2011 Edition is published in partnership with

Terry Howell, the managing editor for benefits for is a retired Coast Guard chief petty officer who served as crew member on the Coast Guard's Dolphin helicopter and Falcon jet. In his last tour, he was a career development advisor, providing service members and their families with career, personal finance, education, and benefit counseling. Terry worked directly with the Department of Defense to create their online transition assistance program, Turbo TAP. He used his GI Bill benefits to pay for his B.S. and MBA at Corban University.

Praise for The Military Advantage

“…a very useful guide…straightforward and authoritative. The intent is obviously to provide a complete, practical introductory guide to veterans’ benefits that is entirely comprehensible to lay readers; in this regard, the author has succeeded admirably. Recommended.”

Choice, September 2011

"Knowledge is the first and most critical tool for a veteran. Awareness of what's available and how to access the system is key. The Military Advantage finally brings it all together in one place."

—Edward A. Powell, Jr., President and CEO, USO World Headquarters

"This book cuts through the red tape and shows the real benefits available.”

—The Honorable Max Cleland, former U.S. senator

"Every service member and veteran should read this book. It is the definitive guide to making the most of your benefits."

—The Honorable Anthony J. Principi, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs

"The Military Advantage is the single best benefits resource for military personnel and their families. It’s a must-read for anyone who has ever worn a uniform."

—Jack L. Tilley, Sergeant Major of the Army (Retired)

Terry Howell is's Managing Editor for Benefits. He is a retired Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer and disabled veteran. In his role as a Coast Guard Career Development Advisor, Terry provided career, finance, education, and benefits counseling to service members and their families. Terry earned both his Bachelor's degree and MBA at Corban University using Tuition Assistance and his GI Bill benefits to help cover the cost.

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