A History of Naval Insurrection
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Published:September 5, 2006
By Leonard F. Guttridge (Author)

Few things are more terrifying to a seagoing captain than the specter of mutiny or more riveting to readers than a tale of mutinous deeds. In this fascinating book, Leonard Guttridge takes us on a tour of mutinies that have occurred over the past two hundred years. He examines such famous mutinies as the uprisings aboard the Bounty and the Potemkin, the racial disturbances on the Constellation, the rebellion at the Nore, and the hijacking of the Storozhevoy, along with some not-so-famous insurrections that fill his book with suspense and colorful characters to bring the dramatic events to life.

Throughout his investigation, Guttridge asks what these incidents, occurring in vastly different navies and different ages, have in common. His findings are both startling and illuminating. First published in 1986, this book is lauded as a unique study of law, discipline, and morale as they interact as sea. Alternately exciting our horror and arousing our sympathy, its meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy assures its lasting appeal not only to the naval and legal communities but also to readers looking for entertaining nonfiction.

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Leonard F. Guttridge is the author of numerous books, including the widely acclaimed Icebound: The Jeannette Expedition's Quest for the North Pole. He died in 2009 at the age of 90.

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