Abdiel-Class Fast Minelayers of World War Two
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Published:November 15, 2015

Very Special Ships is the first full-length book about the Abdiel-class fast minelayers, which were considered the fastest and most versatile to serve in the Royal Navy during World War II. This book spans the scope of the class from alpha to zulu as they operated in many roles, most famously as blockade runners to Malta, transporting items as diverse as ammunition, condensed milk, gold, and VIPs. To provide a complete picture of this important class of ships, Very Special Ships examines the origin and history of the minelayers, describes the design and construction of each ship in the class, details the operational history of the ships during World War II, and concludes with the post-war careers of the surviving ships.

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  • Subject: Ship Design & Reference
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  • ‘Naval Books of the Year’. “Arthur Nicholson’s new book is therefore welcome in its detailed recording of the exploits of what were, indeed, very special ships…. Very Special Ships can be recommended as a well-researched and well-written operational history of a remarkable class of warship." —Warship

Arthur Nicholson is an American lawyer and naval enthusiast. He is also the author of Hostages of Fortune.

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Very Special Ships is the first full-length book about the Abdiel-class fast minelayers, which were...Read More

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